Know Before you Go

People pay for convenience and peace of mind. KnowGo provides both, by allowing users to make rapid decisions regarding their travel and everyday plans!

Our aim is to blend the collective knowledge of people and the capabilities of AI to provide you a clear picture of your surroundings. 'Know Before You Go' is our commitment to making your journey safer and more enjoyable, turning the unknown into the familiar using the internet of people.

The power KnowGo will put in your Hands

Location Info

KnowGo quickly provides users with crowdsourced visual opinions on whether an area is nice, okay, caution.

Make Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions about where to stay and where to go in a new location.

View and Rate

Quickly rate and see safe locations

Crowdsourced opinions

A single aggregated source to see multi-facetted angles on views of safety of a location

Becoming a Source of Knowledge for the people

The story with KnowGo begins with two dude friends that traveled a good bit for work and leisure with their families. Whenever visiting new places their primary concern was always, “what’s this place like? Is it nice, okay, or should I use caution?” Between us, we couldn’t count the number of times we’d hopped off the highway only to hop right back on after deciding that the exit was too “sketchy.” Or how many Airbnbs looked good online but ended up being in questionable areas of town. Turns out we weren’t alone and after speaking with several people we realized that everyone has their own unique way of answering that very question; Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, calling a friend. In conclusion, the solution is typically subjective and crowdsourced. KnowGo Maps brings all of that together by crowdsourcing area ratings from the people that live in or have visited an area. It’s visual, it’s easy. Give feedback, and receive value, that’s the best way to get an average of human input. The world is our tapestry, let’s paint.

**An easy to use interface**

**Understand where you are going and the safety around you**

How It Works

The KnowGo app will provide you with a knowledge base of information for free for the first 30 days

$3.99/month after trial

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Happy Users,
Great Reviews

We believe that the average of human feedback regarding the vibe on an area will paint a more accurate picture than what is currently available.


Finally an app that tells me the ghetto parts of the state so i can book hotels accordingly and not get all shifted when going/leaving my room!

Natalie R.

Cool app when traveling, specially with family to know what are the good and bad exits for the gas station / food / restroom stops. Wish they had navigation though!

Alfred J.

Helpful app when figuring out where to move to and what the safe areas of town are!

Matt R.

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